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Dave Winer on Complexity

“All of the problems we’re dealing with stem from the complexity that computers have enabled, and the scale of our civilization, the enormous number of people living on the planet, and the lack of education, intelligence, competence of the people who are running it. They may dress nicer than us, but it turns out the people running the banks and government don’t actually understand the systems any better than you or I. They’ve just figured out how to get paid millions of dollars for looking and sounding like they understand.”

Dave Winer has interesting things to say.  I think his commentary on Complexity is an important one.  Computers have allowed us to created infinitely complicated systems.  Sometimes this flexibility allows us to create marvels of modern technology (e.g. Netflix Watch Instantly, Google, etc…).  Sometimes they allow us to create the downfall of civilzation (e.g. Credit Default Swaps, Identity TheftWindows Vista)

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