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I’ve been writing, designing, delivering and supporting enterprise software for like a pretty long time I guess. My career started as a developer on a super small team building a brand new Business Intelligence application called MITS. We started this in the early 2000s and it took a little while to figure things out but eventually we turned that small idea into the best analytics tool in the small to mid-sized distribution market. Over the course of that journey I moved from building the first versions of the product, to eventually running the dev team, all the technical teams, and eventually the whole company, while working for a private equity firm based on Bellevue known as Trilogy Equity Partners. That business was sold in the summer of 2019 and I find myself back into what I love to do most, building new products.


The journey to get to where I am today was super fun because of all the different aspects of running a business I was able to learn. As I turn my attention back to building new things and this blog in general you should see some of those lessons showing up in posts from time to time.

The early days of this blog were focused on Product Reviews, for things I’m currently using. Lifestyle adjustments or choices I’ve made over the last few years. The occasional punditry on technical topics, or the political climate in general. And a bit of rah rah encouragement for those of us that make things for a living. I’m back to writing again, and topics are gonna be pretty similar.

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