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Gary the Gary

I’ve been writing, designing, delivering and supporting enterprise software for the last 12 or so years. In the early days my work consisted of writing new software applications, drafting the documentation for them, releasing them to the public and then taking the inevitable support calls.

These days I have the privilege of working with an incredibly talented group of software engineers in downtown Seattle that help me to essentially do the same thing today. We ship software, people tend to like it, and we’re usually pretty proud of it.

Throughout this process I’ve collected some thoughts and musings on life, the universe and everything, and this space is to act as a bit of a mental dumping ground. A place to take some words out of my head and put them somewhere that might become useful to someone else.

So far I’ve focused a fair bit of energy on Product Reviews, for things I’m currently using. Lifestyle adjustments or choices I’ve made over the last few years. The occasional punditry on technical topics, or the political climate in general. And a bit of rah rah encouragement for those of us that make things for a living.

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